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So the question that everyone asks is, what songs do I sing?

I perform a lot of contempory songs from easy listening to up-beat dance tunes....  


Song covers from the likes of Bruno Mars and Ed Shearan, Jessie J, Pink, Katy Perry, Karmin..... classics from all eras... as well as my original country rock numbers tried, tested and thoroughly enjoyed!!


I like to perform what people like to hear and so I try hard to work from the crowd.  If I notice that the crowd is quieter and older I will probably begin with the classic ballads and some fun Jazz.

If there should, for example, be a predominant males audience then I will try to go with some classic rock songs.

In the song list are a number of country songs, jazz songs, the essential ABBA favourites and some very contemporary songs in the list also as I am constantly striving to up date.  I love to surprise people with my versatility.

Constantly updating...

I began doing acoustic restaurant songs, so as you may imagine, the type of songs that I perform in the pubs now are a long way from way back in those begining days. 

In saying that, however, restaurant work taught me so much about being sensitive to the needs of the occasion.  Such that, I was asked to perform in restaurants on Hamilton Island when I was completing my music degree and over there as part of the course. 

Pub music is much louder, and that makes me, as an entertainer, more relaxed and enjoy the experience.  Whatever the situation, I take my cue from the person in charge.... turn up.... turn down..... it's all good!

You can hear examples of my singing by following the links to my original songs, although when I perform for general gigs and functions I tend to do mostly covers. 

Born in Boots:

In Shining Armour:

Vast Brown land:

short clip of City Heart Markets 12 sec sample:

(For a better example of my work please contact me instead.)

accoustic original performed at Con Concert:

 If you a looking for a wedding singer.....:  Wedding song sung for entrance: